Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ya... It's probably me..... :-)

Let me start off this blog with a little history of why I am the way that I am....

When I was growing up, at age 9 my father died, so my mom wasn't able to make it to alot of my sports games and stuff because she was very busy running a household by herself. My older sisters would help by taking me to games. Well my sister Krista was a catcher. When I started playing softball I knew I wanted to be just like her and be a catcher too. Infact I even think one of my other sisters Kelly was a catcher as well.

My sister Krista being that she was a catcher and knew what to do felt the need to help her little sister out. She thought the best way to do that was to stand right up against the fence right behind me as I was catching and yell out instructions to me during the whole game... :-) At the time I didn't like it too much but looking back I can see how slowly but surely I became a better catcher each game. I even got to play High School softball as a catcher, no doubt because of her efforts of wanting to teach me how to play that position and play it well. I realize how blessed I was to have someone "rooting" for me while I was playing.

Well....... I'm finding myself becoming my sister as I watch my children play sports. Right now Joseph has played t-ball, football and is now playing basketball. Sometimes I find myself standing and shouting instructions across the entire gym as parents turn around and look at me with strange looks on their faces. Most of the time I don't seem to notice, just as I'm sure my sister didn't always notice the glances she received. I just want my little boy to hear my voice... and know that I care... I'm cheering for him.... and hopefully helping him learn something too.

So if you are at a game.... and you hear this wacko parent yelling out instructions to her son.... ya... it's probably me!!! :-)


  1. I do it all the time Kassie. Even if I don't know the sport I will look it up and learn what I need to know.

  2. Since i am the mother that had to work her you know what off to feed the wonderful understanding and loving family after their father passed away, I find reading this warming my heart so much I cannot stop the tears. Even though I did not get to phsyically be everywhere I wanted to be (I worked nights at first) my prayers and thoughts were there and my heart was aching because I couldn't be there in body. I am so thankful God gave me such wonderful daughters that they took the time to care for their younger siblings so perfectly.

  3. Mom you came to everything that you could, you did your best and I'm so thankful for that! You blessed me with great older sisters too!! :-)

    I love you!