Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weight Loss... Nursing..... Walk with God

The title are all things that will be talked about in the following blog....

First up.... weight loss. As most of you know I was in a weight loss competition, up until yesterday. You see back in 2002 my sister Krista came across this fat burner called T-burn. She lost about 30lb's on it and had done tons of research on the ingredients, the maker of it etc... and I felt if she thought it was safe, so did I. So i started taking it and lost 50lbs over the course of the next 6 months!! It felt incredible and yes it did have ephedra. I caught a lot of flack for it from some and others wanted me to hand over the number and how much it cost to them. I read a lot about ephedra, the pro's and the con's. I realized that if you use it and still take good care of yourself, you are going to be ok. If you take it and then think you can starve yourself and workout until you pass out, well then you are going to harm yourself. Over that 6 months, I began to watch what I ate, drank more water and started exercising. It gave me the umph that I needed to make those changes because the pounds were coming off and that motivated me even more. Well I got married and went off, because I wanted a baby. I got pregnant and gained all the weight back.. :-( and while I was pregnant, ephedra was banned. Now me gaining the weight back had nothing to do with t-burn.... that was me just going back to all my bad eating habits while pregnant. After my pregnancy I found out that ephedra had came back again, but could never find t-burn in it's original formula. Over the past few months I have tried unsucessfully to lose weight. I was breastfeeding and so I knew it was harder to lose weight. Well I decided to do a search on yahoo on t-burn just to see if I could find it and guess what... I found it... and even better.. i found the ORIGINAL FORMULA... i could hardly believe it. I called Krista immediately.

Now to incorporate the second subject... breastfeeding. First let me say I did NOT decide to quit breastfeeding soley to lose weight. In fact close friends and family know that I had been contemplating weaning him at 6 months over to formula for many reasons and over the past month. This entire 6 months, my milk has fluccuated to the point I was supplementing 2 or 3 meals a day with a bottle of formula for him. Stress over my husbands job and other things in my life also caused my milk supply to go from more than enough, to not near enough. Also he in the past few weeks has started cereal and veggies, and so I felt better about the possibility of stopping nursing. I enjoy things about nursing, and there are things not so great about it. I felt like I would be letting him down if I stopped no matter what the reason, but I realized I was worrying about what other people would think of me.... and that's not a reason to continue or stop, so I had to make the decision for myself. I had decided to wean him over to formula..... then a few days later... found t-burn.

So I started t-burn yesterday, he was doing so good on mostly formula, that I am completing the weaning process with a breast pump (thanks chrissy!!!!!!) I still worry sometimes what people will think of me, but I know he is going to be ok, and that I gave him 6 months of the best milk there is.... and I am confident he is going to thrive on formula. I also decided it wouldn't be fair to stay in the competition so we decided to call it off, but continue to be an encouragment to each other on our weight loss journey's.

Here is a glimpse of what I looked like when I lost the weight on t-burn the first time.

And here is one of the b4 pictures I will use when I lose the weight this time....

I have decided to combine Weight watchers eating with the T-burn to help me. I am also going to incorporate exercise as well. I am not stupid and I know that if I don't make life changes, then the weight will come back on. I had successfully kept the weight off for 6 months without t-burn until I got pregnant, so I believe I will be able to keep it off this time as well. I just need a little help. It made me feel better to see Jillian from the biggest loser on a commercial the other day offering a similiar product to jumpstart your weight loss.... :-) To those of you out there, my best friend Chrissy included... that are doing it on your own... I am SOOO proud of you all!!! Keep up the good work!!!! You all are an inspiration!!!!

So I will keep you all posted on my progress with t-burn....!!!! If you want any info on it just let me know.

Now onto the 3rd subject but the most important. I know this is a small paragraph in comparison, however over the next few weeks I will talk more about this. Above anything else in my life, my relationship with Jesus Christ should be THE most important thing and I need to spend a lot of time seriously focusing on it. This wednesday begins a bible study that I am co-leading called A woman after God's Own Heart. I am looking forward to doing this study with other women and learning from their experience and insight. I will also keep you all posted (whoever wants to be that is) on this study as well. Those of you who are men and women of prayer, please keep me and the other women participating in your prayers.

Well that's it for now!!!!

Talk to you all later!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weigh In Monday

Well to my surprise I lost a pound last week!!! Woohoo!!! And something miracleous happened.... all of the sudden I am not craving junk food anymore... I'm not sure how it happened, but food that normally I would want I am not wanting... hopefully this will last long enough that I lose some serious weight over the next month or two. I won't be my goal by my birthday but as long as I keep losing at a healthy pace and continue to make lifestyle changes, that is all that matters.

On the family side of things... Jonathan said dada yesterday, it was the most precious sound. Each child when they learn how to say your name, just makes you feel so awesome! He is close to crawling too.... hopefully within the next month he will get all the coordination down.

Well i'll catch up with ya'll later!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ok warning about tomorrow....

I may decide to not weigh in....... well because.... you see...... I went to my mother-in-laws today.... and there was sooooo much great food.... and I didn't want to be rude.... and not eat all the wonderful things that they had prepared.... so I ate.... and ate..... and ate some more..... :-(

But that's ok tomorrow is a new day. I am trying to remember that my body is the temple of Christ and he does care if I take care of it or not. I can't serve him as good if I am tired all the time, or don't feel as good as I could if I were healthier and taking care of myself. I need to eat to live, not live to eat. So while I am going to be studying and trying to continue to grow in my heart relationship with Christ, I need to take care of my physical self as well.

So I may not weigh in tomorrow, but after a good week of exercising and eating right I will, and hopefully I will get to see my little weight tracker go down a little bit. :-)

Thanks for all the encouragement from those on facebook who read this blog and comment there (those of you who read my blog and aren't on facebook you can leave a comment here if you want)

Count your blessings.........

Today in Sunday school we went around the class and each said something that God had shown or spoke to us this week. My husband and I both had the same answer, God speaks to us daily through our children.

At night when we do our bedtime routine, it's so comforting that the first words out of my 3 year old and 5 year old's mouths are "we have to do our bible time, verses and songs". Each night we do a bible time with them, they each practice some verses and then i sing Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little children. I'm saddened it took me almost 5 years to get into a routine like this. Mike and I used to do it some nights, and then others we were too tired, or didn't feel like it. Until Recently we just hadn't made it a priority, and we missed out on so many blessings that come from your children learning about God.

Now don't get the wrong idea... we are NOT perfect at this. Our bedtime routine helps us each night evaluate our day. When we look into our children's eyes and teach them scripture and character lessons, we have to take a hard look at ourselves and how we acted throughout our day. Teaching our children helps us to take a look and make sure that we are acting and serving as we should ourselves.

My children are incredible, and another way that God blesses me is that through them he helps me to go back to the basics. Read your bible..... pray.... praise him... and memorize scripture.

Our children are not only blessings to us, but to God as well, and you know what the greatest part is. We are HIS children!!! He sees us like we see our kids. When we read his word, pray to him, praise him, and memorize his word he feels like I do each night. He LOVES us as a father...... WOW! I look at pictures of Jesus, and it just amazes me. Jesus was God's son, and we see God's love for him, and in turn Jesus's love for children and for us.

When I count my blessings.... after my relationship with Christ, my incredible husband, come my beautiful children..... who have taught me soooo much about my heavenly father and my relationship with him!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Well for those of you who view my blog you see something at the top that's new. A while back on my best friend/weight loss accountability partners blog I saw one of these weight loss tickers and i thought it is a great way to be accountable. I have to post each monday (our weigh in day) what my weight is. So far I have lost 8.8 pounds, but i have a long way to go. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to try and make healthier choices, excercise and live a healthier lifestyle all together.

I also read that since I am nursing, I should aim for 1lb of weight loss per week, so my progress might be slow, but as long as I am losing that's all that matters!


Can't wait to post a before and after picture in a few months!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Date with mommy

Mike and I try to go on "dates" with our children as often as we can. You just can't beat that one on one time with each child. Yesterday I went on a date with Joseph, not extravagent, but just alone time. We went to walmart and he showed me a lot of toys that he liked and thought were pretty cool, then we went to a flea market and another store, and just hung out with each other. We talked, we laughed.... it was just really special. When I got home I told Samuel that today would be his date with mommy. He was so excited today when we went to McDonalds for an ice cream, we also went to walmart (gotta love the toy aisles!) and later headed to the park for some fun time swinging and playing on the playground equipment. He even talked me into going down the slide with him... it was sooo much fun! Later in the evening Jonathan and I went for a mini-date, just he and I went to walmart(yes 3 times in 2 days!!!!) to get some grocery items that we were needing. This just goes to show you that alone time with your kids doesn't have to cost a lot of money. All they need is some time with just you, to share their thoughts, their feelings and get your undivided attention. I am looking forward to my next date with one of my boys! In fact I still need to go on a date with Michael... hopefully he and I will be able to do that very soon!

"your face looks pretty mommy"

I have to say, that I know I talk alot about having boys, and well... it just keeps getting better. Joseph, my 5 year old has learned a new way to make mommy smile. Sometimes I am not feeling so great about myself... maybe I haven't gotten to shower yet... and my hair is back in a pony tail, there are days... when I am frustrated at me not losing weight as fast as I want too... and although I do not express them to my children... they must sense mommy needs a little pick-me-up. Many days I will turn around to find Joseph standing there saying "mommy... your hair looks pretty... and your face looks pretty... and your pants look pretty... and your shirt looks pretty..." It's just so sincere and so sweet!!! My son samuel, the 3 year old has learned from his big brother and now I turn around on many days to find Samuel saying the same things to me....and of course Jonathan.... when I come into his room to wake him up and I say ever so softly his name.. "jonathan" he immediately has a huge smile come across his face.... sometimes when daddy is holding him and he hears my voice he turns and looks at me and grins from ear to ear.... he knows I am his mommmy... and that is such an incredible feeling..... I am so blessed!!!

I also love things they say at these ages.... the things they come up with.... joseph's new one is to say "that freaks me out!!" and samuel "i just needed some time by myself!" Children are a blessing... yes sometimes i want to pull my hair out, during those times I learn to lean on my Heavenly Father and he gives me wisdom and patience and understanding. Then these sweet and funny times are what makes me look up to the heavens and say "WOW... thank you for letting me have the chance to be the best thing on earth.... a mommy!"

The He Hormone (Testosterone)

Mike and I read another chapter in Bringing Up Boys last night and it was all about the He Hormone!! We learned alot, but the biggest thing is that years of feminism and what they have done to change how we try and raise boys today. Even in my mind, ideas have come like "make your boys play with dolls, don't givve them just trucks, don't let them pretend to shoot anything, even through what I have seen on T.V. as a child growing up and even now and other media things have shown, we are supposed to teach our boys to NOT be tough, or act tough, we are supposed to make them more like us... more sensitive, more girly..... instead of celebrating what makes them boys!! God gave them that hormone for a distinct reason and we should celebrate it and enjoy it....

Here's a paragraph that really stood out to me......

Pg 28 "That brings us back to our understanding of boys. Remember that they are men-in-training. Their aggressive nature is designed for a purpose. It prepares them for the "provision and protection" roles to come. That assertiveness also builds culture when properly channeled. I urge you as parents not to resent or try to eliminate the aggressive and excitable nature that can be so irritating. That temperament is part of a divine plan. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Thank God for it. But also understand that it needs to be shaped, molded, and "civilized." That's where we're heading in the chapters to come. "

For you moms out there who have boys, i urge you to let your boys be boys!!! Read this book.... Bringing up Boys by James Dobson. We need our boys to know how to be boys... and so someday they can be MEN!!

On a side note- letting boys be boys does not mean we let them act like apes, I still teach my boys respect, consideration and sensitivity, but on the other side, I let them be boys... I don't expect them to sit still for hours on end (testosterone makes this more difficult for boys) I don't compare them with the little girls that I know and try to get them to do what the girls do.... that's not fair to them and how God made them.... like James Dobson said.... that temperament needs to be shaped and molded, not stopped. My prayer is that my husband and I can do this efficiently.... we'll see in about 20 years! :-) When you think of our family, say a prayer for us!