Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love your enemies???

Matthew 5:44 "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."

You know this is soooo hard sometimes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles with this. There are times when persecution comes because we are christians... and sometimes it has nothing to do with our christianity... some people are just mean... miserable... and want you to be too....

I also know though that when we pray for those who are being mean to us and doing us wrong.... it begins to change us...... and it helps us to depend on God even more. Maybe that is why he tells us to do that..... and not only does it do both of those things, but it also helps us to see that person as someone who is probably sad...... and someone who doesn't have hope.... or why would they lie.... be cruel.... and be so self-seeking....

I can't get the image out of my mind of Jesus on the cross.... being spit at... cursed at.... and being crucified.... and yet he calls out "forgive them for they know not what they are doing"...... I know we can't be perfect like Christ.... but we are to strive to have the same attitude ...... This is an area that I have to work on all the time..... so with the new year... I am working on sharing more personal things in my blog... personal struggles.... and this happens to be one of them....

I think sometimes we all need to take a step back... and look into our lives... and release those grudges..... hand over the "wrongs" to God and let him deal with them.... because he really is better at it than we are anyway.... and then take a moment... no matter how hard it is.... and say a prayer for that person.... who knows how it will change your life and maybe even theirs too........

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Staying Focused & funny movie monday (on tuesday)

Well for those of you who follow my blog... you get to see a glimpse into my personality. You see I am one of those people who can't stay focused on one thing for very long. I get very excited about something and put all I have into it, then as time goes on, my interest fades, and then after a few weeks I am very interested in it all over again. For example.... facebook. There are weeks where that is my source of entertainment and social outlet, I can't wait to check my page and see all the new status updates. Then for a few weeks, I have no desire to go and check it at all. Another example..... this blog :-) For some weeks as you will notice if you scroll through previous blogs, there will be several in a row, then a few scattered ones, and then a few close together. There is one area however that this kind of weakness/personality trait (whatever you want to call it) is not so good.......... In my walk with Christ. You see this is one area I have to work even harder to make sure that I stay focused and to stay committed even when I may not "feel" like it.

As you may remember I committed to reading through the bible in a year as one of my new years resolutions. Well to report I am doing good, behind a little but doing good. I am finding weekends are the hardest to make sure I get that time in. It's so easy for other things to take precedence and consume my day and my time, then I find myself laying in bed at night praying "Lord... i didn't spend any time with you today.. please forgive me".... and I feel him saying in a fatherly voice "I forgive you and I love you, but my child, you need to make me priority #1".

I didn't do "movie monday" yesterday but i'll put a little video at the end of this... I normally do serious stuff... but here are a couple of snippits from a favorite christian comedian of mine.. Tim Hawkins... enjoy!

This one is called "homeschool family" to the tune of the "adams family"

(Scary Bedtime Prayer)

(medication side effects)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie Monday- Never Alone

I know I haven't been blogging..... for the readers out there who follow my blog, I apologize. I have been going through a rough time for the past few months. I think in these moments, where we are struggling is when our relationship with God can grow. I have felt alone some times in the past few months, but then God shows up in a major way and let's me know that I am NEVER alone. In fact one day on my way back from somewhere, I told him "God I just need to know that I can trust you, and that you love me" and at the time I was listening to 97.7 Joy FM and you know what my heavenly father did for me? He played song after song after song that said "I love you" "You can trust me" "I'm here for you"....... As I cried, I felt peace come over me and it was just an amazing feeling. The first video is a song called You're not alone by Meredith Andrews and it speaks about this.

But there are sometimes.... sometimes when we cry out... and we don't feel his presence.... we don't feel what we want to feel.... and even in these moments we need to remember... we are not alone.....The second video is an incredible song, and it talks about how God never leaves us alone even when we can't feel him.

(First song classic contemporary christian)(Second song Christian Rock) :-)