Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation day........

Well.... my first child has just graduated............ kindergarten that is :-) It was such a cute ceremony..... they had it in their class, and they had shirts they had made, with paper hats and tassels.

I was so emotional before it even started that I knew I was going to lose it eventually. Sure enough when the teacher broke out her "memories" video, that is when it happened. There was a song by Lonestar i think called "Let them be little" or something like that (I don't listen to country) and that is when it happened.......... As I watched pictures of Joseph throughout the year and his sweet little face, the tears started flowing. It didn't help that he was sitting on my lap with his arms around me playing with my hair while it was playing. I just can't believe how my baby has grown! I mean isn't he still my little baby???

He can now ride his bike without training wheels and when I say "wanna go practice riding your bike" he replies "mom I know how to ride my bike remember?" He's right.... he can ride now with no assistance from Mike or me.... Then the other day I came downstairs and he had made himself a snack and cleaned up his mess..... I see him helping take care of his little brothers and caring for them..... I see in his face and body how he is growing.... changing..... and then I think........ he's only 6.... what am I going to do when he starts driving.... goes to prom.... graduates HIGH SCHOOL! Then I realize once again how quickly time flies and it makes me want to savor even more the time I have with each of my children.

I'm glad I have 2 more years before I will see Samuel graduate kindergarten! lol.... give me some time to recoup :-)

Here are some pictures of the day!

Joseph and his amazing teacher Mrs. Gasaway.... she was awesome!

Joseph after his name was called to get his diploma....

Getting his diploma.... :-)

Me and my little graduate.... :-)

A little paper hanging outside the room before all the parents went in.... he looked so grown up in that cap and gown!