Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flexible living....

Many of us are crippled from birth. The backbone of our standard for living comes fused into unyielding rules and regulations. We are rigid in our determination to control life's course and outcome.

We're sure, for example, how people ought to look, behave, and respond. Things have to be done a certain way - our way. We know, too, exactly how a godly marriage should operate; and we're quite familiar with the model of the ideal Christian family scene - which, of course, we intend to duplicate perfectly.

Then, real life sneaks up and whacks us from behind, seeking to break our unbending back and our stiff neck, threatening to paralyze us.

There is a cure. We are offered opportunity to exercise the suppleness of godly grace and perspective. Each time life throws us a punch, we can do a deep-knee bend, forcing our muscles of faith, hope, and understanding to stretch.

Eventually that brittle backbone will grow strong and supple, bending with the rhythms of grace yet standing tall and firm in the face of compromise.

All of this requires considerable daily "give". Such give is not a one-time choice but a lifestyle of generosity, spontaneity, and openess to truth.

How often I have thought that if I could give just one gift to my children-besides a heart for God- it would be the golden gift of flexibility.

Taken from A woman's devotional bible. Author: Susan L. Lenzkes

I read this devotional the other day during my quiet time and it just really struck me. I remember when I first got married I thought I was the expert on marriage. After my first child, I thought I was an expert on nursing, being a mom, raising kids...... but then I had those days that "whacked me from behind" and humbled me. I learned to listen to others advice, and not just pretend to listen but really listen. I also learned to extend the same grace to others. I met moms who were so sure their way was the right way and instead of getting defensive and angered as I would have in the past, I try to just smile and say "that's great that it works for you, but that is just not how it works for me".... then I say a prayer that they too will be "whacked from behind" a little..... so that they can realize too what I have realized...... and am still realizing each day. I also say a prayer that if I ever need to be "whacked" again, that I will be.... because I am far from being flexible all the time.... it's definetly a work in progress.....

I've had other moms say " I would never allow my child to do that, or I can't believe your child did that" only to find years later they too have had to deal with such things in their own children..... time has a way of teaching us all lessons.... even I have had moments when given a suggestion by another mom thought to myself "how in the world can they think that is a good option"... only years later..... to see that it was a good option and one that I now find myself trying with one of my children...

I'm still learning...... and I still struggle with thinking I know it all sometimes, and I still struggle with getting upset with other mom's who think they know it all.... but I'm striving to be flexible, and full of grace. Won't get there 100% on earth, but my goal is to daily strive for it....

Monday, May 16, 2011

an old picture........

While on facebook the other day my mom posted a picture of me and my little brother..... her reason was showing my little brother how one of his twin girls looked like him..... and as I was looking I saw my children in my face too....and it just made me smile. It also makes me smile when I see my siblings and parents in my children as well.... I love how God did that... so you see generations of people that you love in your children's faces and personalities.... :-)

I'm so blessed not only with my husband and children, but with my first family. My dad, mom and 7 siblings! :-) That's right I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters :-) The breakdown Jenny, John, Kim, Karen, Kelly, Krista, Kassie, and Josh :-) :-)

I don't know that I will have that many kids, but I'm so thankful for my family and feel so blessed for what God has given me.....

The picture of me and my little brother :-)

My Dad, Mom, Kim, Karen, Kelly, Krista, me and Josh

A pic of my sisters Kelly and Krista and me

My oldest siblings Jenny and John

Sometimes a simple picture makes me realize how blessed I have been in my life... i'm so thankful for all the blessings God has given me.

Monday, May 9, 2011

is it really that easy???.....

I saw a quote on facebook a while back and posted it as my status update as well, but when I really sit down and think about the words.... is it really that easy to just walk away??

Here's the quote:

"There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama & people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh and love, forget the bad, & focus on the good. So, love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy."

Personally speaking I have always been the kind of person that can't stand it to have someone not "like" them..... I have always tried to get along with everyone and be everyone's friend. However we are humans and not everyone gets along or "likes" everyone else, But what about those people that are supposed to be your friends? What about family members who have hurt you? Is it really that easy to just write them out of your life?

I have tried in the past to do that with certain people in my life but it just doesn't work. Maybe it's because I want peace or maybe it's because I truly want those people in my life, or maybe it's because I just don't want to think that someone out there is upset with me, I don't know. Maybe sometimes I let things go that I shouldn't..... I just know I wish it was that easy to just wake up one day and not care what those people thought of me, or how they have hurt me and to let the "bad" go and just focus on the "good".

I guess maybe in the midst of that quote it needs to be added that we have to give it to the Lord and leave it in his hands. I think that is the only way we will really experience peace and happiness, and then after we have left it in his capable hands.... then we pray...... we pray for those lost friendships or family relationships and pray that if it is in his will for those to be there, that someday.... in his timing.....they will be. I think also though we have to pray that if that friendship or relationship is to no longer be there... to have the strength to forgive and let it go.... that might just be the hardest prayer of all......

Ok.... i'm done with my thoughts for the day.....it's just been one of those emotional days for me I guess..... :-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 :-)

Wow.... I LOVE mother's day :-) But what I really love more than anything is BEING a mom!! My children are such precious gifts and I can't imagine anything better than a hug or kiss or an "I love you mommy" from one of my children.

Today was wonderful, although we actually celebrated the night before because my husband and kids can't wait to give me their cards and gifts... lol and I don't mind either! :-)

Here are some pics of my little guys and me when we celebrated Mothers day.

I hope all the other moms out there had a blessed Mother's day as well.

Thank you God for entrusting these little ones into my care, may I make you proud with how I raise them, and may they grow to love and honor you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tis the season.......... for Little League!!!!! :-)

I think I said this last year, but I can't help it.... I LOVE LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL!!! As a girl I played softball and since God blessed me with BOYS.... I now am in love with baseball!!!

I look forward every spring to getting them out there and seeing them play and this year my little Sammy gets to play for the first time!

I don't know if they will always play and that's ok. I've always asked them what they want to do and I will enjoy whatever they decide to do, but right now... it's baseball!! :-)

Here's my little guys! GO TEAM CRAIG!!!!

Sammy right before his first game! :-)

Joseph on the bench waiting to hit his first game of the season. It was sooooo cold and windy (you can tell by his face) outside but he had a blast! :-)