Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day of School 2012

This morning was the first day of school for our family. Samuel's first day of kindergarten and Joseph's first day of 2nd grade. They woke up in a good mood and Samuel said "Every part of me is excited!"

The other day I found an old picture of them on their first day of preschool back in 2009 and so this morning I had them stand in a similar way so I could see how much they have changed and grown.

It's hard to believe that they are as old as they are! When we got there this monring, Joseph did well and got to pick out his desk and Samuel was blessed to be sitting at the table with the only 2 children he knows in his class. One is our next door neighbor and the other is a friend from his pre-school class last year!

Can't wait to hear all about their first day! Here are some more pictures from this morning!

Hope everyone else has a blessed school year!!!!