Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie Monday- Never Alone

I know I haven't been blogging..... for the readers out there who follow my blog, I apologize. I have been going through a rough time for the past few months. I think in these moments, where we are struggling is when our relationship with God can grow. I have felt alone some times in the past few months, but then God shows up in a major way and let's me know that I am NEVER alone. In fact one day on my way back from somewhere, I told him "God I just need to know that I can trust you, and that you love me" and at the time I was listening to 97.7 Joy FM and you know what my heavenly father did for me? He played song after song after song that said "I love you" "You can trust me" "I'm here for you"....... As I cried, I felt peace come over me and it was just an amazing feeling. The first video is a song called You're not alone by Meredith Andrews and it speaks about this.

But there are sometimes.... sometimes when we cry out... and we don't feel his presence.... we don't feel what we want to feel.... and even in these moments we need to remember... we are not alone.....The second video is an incredible song, and it talks about how God never leaves us alone even when we can't feel him.

(First song classic contemporary christian)(Second song Christian Rock) :-)

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  1. I love both of these, especially the first one (I really like Meredith Andrews...Barlow Girl sings the second one).