Sunday, September 6, 2009

Count your blessings.........

Today in Sunday school we went around the class and each said something that God had shown or spoke to us this week. My husband and I both had the same answer, God speaks to us daily through our children.

At night when we do our bedtime routine, it's so comforting that the first words out of my 3 year old and 5 year old's mouths are "we have to do our bible time, verses and songs". Each night we do a bible time with them, they each practice some verses and then i sing Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little children. I'm saddened it took me almost 5 years to get into a routine like this. Mike and I used to do it some nights, and then others we were too tired, or didn't feel like it. Until Recently we just hadn't made it a priority, and we missed out on so many blessings that come from your children learning about God.

Now don't get the wrong idea... we are NOT perfect at this. Our bedtime routine helps us each night evaluate our day. When we look into our children's eyes and teach them scripture and character lessons, we have to take a hard look at ourselves and how we acted throughout our day. Teaching our children helps us to take a look and make sure that we are acting and serving as we should ourselves.

My children are incredible, and another way that God blesses me is that through them he helps me to go back to the basics. Read your bible..... pray.... praise him... and memorize scripture.

Our children are not only blessings to us, but to God as well, and you know what the greatest part is. We are HIS children!!! He sees us like we see our kids. When we read his word, pray to him, praise him, and memorize his word he feels like I do each night. He LOVES us as a father...... WOW! I look at pictures of Jesus, and it just amazes me. Jesus was God's son, and we see God's love for him, and in turn Jesus's love for children and for us.

When I count my blessings.... after my relationship with Christ, my incredible husband, come my beautiful children..... who have taught me soooo much about my heavenly father and my relationship with him!

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