Thursday, September 3, 2009

"your face looks pretty mommy"

I have to say, that I know I talk alot about having boys, and well... it just keeps getting better. Joseph, my 5 year old has learned a new way to make mommy smile. Sometimes I am not feeling so great about myself... maybe I haven't gotten to shower yet... and my hair is back in a pony tail, there are days... when I am frustrated at me not losing weight as fast as I want too... and although I do not express them to my children... they must sense mommy needs a little pick-me-up. Many days I will turn around to find Joseph standing there saying "mommy... your hair looks pretty... and your face looks pretty... and your pants look pretty... and your shirt looks pretty..." It's just so sincere and so sweet!!! My son samuel, the 3 year old has learned from his big brother and now I turn around on many days to find Samuel saying the same things to me....and of course Jonathan.... when I come into his room to wake him up and I say ever so softly his name.. "jonathan" he immediately has a huge smile come across his face.... sometimes when daddy is holding him and he hears my voice he turns and looks at me and grins from ear to ear.... he knows I am his mommmy... and that is such an incredible feeling..... I am so blessed!!!

I also love things they say at these ages.... the things they come up with.... joseph's new one is to say "that freaks me out!!" and samuel "i just needed some time by myself!" Children are a blessing... yes sometimes i want to pull my hair out, during those times I learn to lean on my Heavenly Father and he gives me wisdom and patience and understanding. Then these sweet and funny times are what makes me look up to the heavens and say "WOW... thank you for letting me have the chance to be the best thing on earth.... a mommy!"

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