Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodbye Highchair.....

My youngest...Jonathan, soon to be 2 in April has reached a new milestone in our house... moving from the highchair to our family table. I know there are parents out there who have always had the little seats that attach to a chair at the table, but for us we always used the highchair. In fact the highchair we have, all 3 of my boys have used. Well... after the past few weeks of jonathan not only climbing out of the chair but also figuring out how to take the tray off (with food on it!) my husband and I decided it was time to move him to the table. We bought a cute little booster chair that attaches to a normal chair with a working seatbelt (our highchair didn't have a seatbelt anymore) and best part... a tray (should we need it) that he can't get off by himself.

It does make me a little sad though... my baby... isn't a baby anymore... he's growing up. As I put the highchair out in the garage and looked at the big empty space in the kitchen where it used to does make you reflect a little bit... I mean pretty soon he'll be moving to a big boy bed.... among other things soon to really makes me want to stop and enjoy these moments.... although I must say it's hard to enjoy cleaning up yogurt and a million cheerios off the floor every day... :-)

Goodbye highchair!! I'm not sure if we'll see you again or not... only time will tell... ;-)

Fall of 2009 (he was born April of 2009)

February 2010

January 2011 :-)

Now his new seat at the table with us.... (see our lovely playroom behind him, it's supposed to be a living room... maybe someday it will to be!) :-)

We probably won't leave the tray on the seat, but he was so excited he kept trying to put it on there.. :-)

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  1. Yep, they grow up fast. I kind of miss having one that small now, but it's definitely easier now.