Saturday, August 13, 2011

what is "ok" could be..... grand! ....

I'm sure you all have seen this commerical. If not, please watch it and then read the rest of the blog.

As I was reading my devotional today in my womens devotional bible the author referenced this story, of the maestro coming up behind the little boy playing chopsticks and took something so small and made it grand. I don't know if it's a true story or not, but what the author wanted to express is that God can do the same for us. We go along in our lives doing things that are "ok".... "normal"...."good" but if we allow God to come up along side of us and we listen to his voice of encouragment and love then he can make our lives grand.... abundant... full of joy and happiness!

Tears immediately came to my eyes as I was reading and I pictured myself at that piano.... strumming along to what most would call a not very exciting tune and God steps in and makes it something so beautiful.... then I pictured me doing the house cleaning... changing diapers... driving the kids to school.... and I realized he can make everything in my life truly grand .... if I just let him......if I keep my heart focused on him.... and I listen to his words and feel his love for me....

I hope this encouraged you as it did me..... :-)

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