Friday, August 5, 2011

Joseph and Samuel....... birthday post.... a little late!

My firstborn Joseph recently turned 7 and my second son samuel turned 5 in June. I have been so sick with this new little one inside my belly that blogging has been an afterthough I'm sorry to say. I'm starting to feel a little better so I'm going to do a 2 in 1 :-)

Samuel turned 5 in June... and he brings a smile to my face every day.... he is a very sensitive child but also very compassionate and loving.... he is my cuddler... any time I am in the same room he is right next to me asking to hold my hand and I am constantly hearing "Mom I love you"..... He wanted to do his party at Chuck E Cheese and he invited a few of his friends.

He had a blast.... He even got to go in the ticket machine...

Joseph turned 7 in July. All my children are dramatic (some say after their mother! lol ) but Joseph is the most dramatic of them all. He also however is so sweet and loving. If he knows i'm upset or not feeling well he will chip in and do whatever he can to help me. He also loves being the big brother and enjoys helping (and sometimes annoying) his younger brothers. He is a homebody like me and enjoys just hanging out with his family. I'm so interested in seeing him as he grows .... what kind of teenager he will be.... and someday what kind of man. He decided he wanted to do a party with his friends from school, so we found a gymnastics place and had his party there. The kids had a blast.... so much to do....

The boys were lucky this year too because we got to celebrate with family back in Missouri as well for their birthdays.

All in all they had great birthdays and they make me feel very blessed to be their mother. :-) I'm looking forward to this next year... as Joseph enters the 1st grade... and samuel does his last year of pre-school.... I know every parent says this... but it's just sooo true.... they grow up SOOOOO fast!!!!

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