Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School days.....

For those parents out there.... I'm guessing there are some like me who have moments in the summer that you think "school time ... why aren't you here yet" and then other times you think "summer please last forever"..... I had those moments throughout this summer.

Today was Joseph's first day of 1st grade and oh how I miss him already and he has only been at school 1 hour!! It's just hard to let them go... hard to release them into someone else's care.... what if they don't understand my child... what if they don't realize he is sad.... or nervous.... what if???

I have prayed and asked God to watch over him and that is all I can do at this point... I know he is in good hands at his school and I know he will learn alot and have fun so I guess I'll survive. :-)

I just can't believe my little guy last year... starting off in Kindergarten...

Has now grown into this big boy 1st grader!!! Makes me happy, sad and proud all at the same time...

I love you Joseph.. hope you have a great year!!!

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  1. Good luck to your little guy! It's a good thing we home school because we haven't had time to go on a vacation yet this year. Pretty soon though.