Friday, August 21, 2009

What kind of home do I want????

Do i want a home like the duggars??

A home where the TV is never on, the computer is used rarely. A home where devotions are done as a family every day, and time with each other supercedes any other activity that they could be doing.

Do I want a home like some of my friends???

I've been thinking a lot lately about what kind of home I want to have. Not what kind of house I want, but what kind of home. I was watching the Duggars last night and I admire so much about them and most of all the parents. I saw their kids wrestling in the foyer, throwing a ball around, being normal kids. I also saw how they respected each other, helped out with chores, and one HUGE thing i noticed... they didn't spend time watching T.V., or playing computer games. Not that those things are all bad, but i'm wondering if families nowdays spend too much time enjoying technology instead of each other.

I've noticed a lot of days that I am sitting and logging onto facebook, but I haven't yet opened my bible up and done my quiet time. I find myself looking forward to playing a new computer game, but I haven't sat down and played with my kids yet that day. It's not just me, I know several people that are like this, and it just kind of got to me last night. Somewhere along the road of facebook, computer games, and 24/7 noggin channel, I've lost sight of why I am a stay at home mom. When i worked in a pre-school, those children didn't watch T.V. all day. They were playing, doing activities, etc... here I am a stay at home mom..... and I think sometimes I am dropping the ball. I only have so many years with my kids before they go to school. I've allowed technology to creep in and steal my time away. I'm going to go on a minor fast. I'm going to limit incredibly my time on the computer and my kids time watching T.V. and playing video games. I am going to increase play time and reading time with my kids. Try to regain some of the time that I have lost......

I'm not saying that letting your kids watch T.V is bad, or playing on the computer... etc... but for me .... I am just convicted that I am wasting these precious years on Farm Frenzy, the Wii and Noggin..... so as I am figuring out reasonable time limits, activities etc, I will keep you posted. And if there are parents out there who have any insight and advice, please pass it along my way!!!

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  1. I agree with you. I need to "fast" from it, too. I need to just turn it off and leave it off for some extended period of time. When do we start? :o)