Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok I was always taught that you thank God for everything, pray for everything, even the small things, he cares about it all. Well today two miracles (in my opinion) happened. One major, the other minor however major to my 5 year old.

Last night I went to walmart and I always just carry my billfold in instead of a purse, well today I got the kids loaded in the van to go and get some gas and mail a letter when I noticed my billfold was not in the van. A frantic search began, the van, the house, the van again, the house again. I decided to call wal-mart and they said they did not have a billfold in my name. I called my husband who prayed for me about it. I ran home one more time to check at home, and as i walked in i saw the phone light up so i ran over and answered. It was First Bank telling me someone from wal-mart had called them to tell me my billfold was there!!!! I thanked them about a hundered times.... ok maybe two or three and ran to the van to tell my kids that I knew where it was. I said "thank you God" about a million times... Joseph and Samuel asked why i was saying that and I got to tell them about how awesome God is and how he protected my billfold from being stolen and that he should be thanked for it. Got to walmart and they said a cart guy had found it, so thankfully it had been in no one else's hands!!

Then joseph was looking for one of his cars named Boost (from the cars movie) we looked all over for it and couldn't find it and he said "mommy maybe we should pray about it" so we did.... about an hour later a thought popped into my head to check under my bed... guess what.. there it was!!! That may seem like a minor thing, but to me it was just more evidence of what a great Father in Heaven we have and how he shows me not only in the big things, but in the small things too that he loves us so very much!! Joseph thanked God too for helping me find Boost!!

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