Monday, January 30, 2012

She hit the nail on the head!!!

A few months ago my best friend and I were visiting and I mentioned how we had a similar pet peeve. The mis-use of the word tattling and children. She wrote a blog that hit the nail on the head, and I wanted to share it with my readers as well.

Click here --------> "It's Not Tattling"

I remember working at a daycare when I was out of high school and a child would come up crying to their teacher and before they were allowed to open their mouth the teacher would say "If your tattling I don't want to hear it" and the child would put their head down and walk away. I remember thinking "what if he really got hurt.... what if another child is being really mean to another child".... as I became a parent I realized that my children are coming to me because they are KIDS and they don't know what to do or how to handle every situation and they need my help to figure out what to do....

Ok I'll quit because Chrissy's blog is more than sufficient!! But I will add one more quick thing.... I know there are some kids who do "tattle" and only the parents know their children, so you have to use your own parental judgment and knowledge of your please don't think I am judging every parent or teacher that says it.. I'm just speaking from what I have seen in my life and how most children aren't given an opportunity to even speak before they are turned away... just makes me sad....

Ok Im done! :-)

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