Thursday, January 19, 2012

Almost there!!!

Wow I haven't blogged in a while! Well here's what's going on with my life. I am currently 33 weeks and soooo looking forward to my first little girl coming into the world. She is a very active baby which brings me much comfort as I feel her moving alot during the day. Due to high blood pressure I go twice a week for non-stress test, but I don't mind at all because I get to hear her heartbeat and it just comforts me knowing she is doing good.

We have had her first name picked out since my first pregnancy... "Anna" however the middle name is still up in the air. Hopefully we will decide before she gets here! :-)

Last week my husband and my older 2 sons helped me get her room ready. It was as exciting for them as it was for me. They were so happy to see her crib going up and the pink decorations. They even got to help put the crib together.

After we got her room all set up, with the exception of curtains and some pictures that need to be hung, I decided to go through her clothes. As I picked up each piece of clothing I got a little more excited. I was just as excited with each of my boys and this time the excitement is two-fold. I am not only excited about meeting this little baby that I already love so much, but I am excited about the new experience of having a daughter.

Mike is looking forward to having a daughter for the first time. I am excited to see how he is with a little girl. I have seen him with my nieces and little girls at church and he is just so great with them... I just can't wait to see how he is with our daughter.... wow..... "daughter"... I am so excited to get to say that.

Well that's all for now! :-)


  1. You are so sweet! I am so excited for you! See you this weekend!!

  2. Baby girls are wonderful, and I'm glad to see that you will also be having an "Anna" like us. The crib looks great. Good luck with all of this!