Saturday, April 21, 2012

A new addition..... a new season

Well as you can tell when you look at my last blog entry date, I'm not very good at being a consistent blogger. I'm ok with that though because I mainly write for me. I mean I do hope that others read my blog and get encouraged or inspired or maybe seeing how I don't have it all together and how I'm just a normal mom maybe makes them feel better too. Im not here to impress or be fake, I just enjoy writing about my family.... about personal struggles and victories and just about life. Having said all that.... something pretty amazing happened on Feburary 27th, 2012........
My first (and maybe last) little girl was born. Anna Elizabeth 8lbs 15oz at 5:11pm and 20inches long.
She has added so much joy and happiness to our lives and her older brothers absolutely adore her!
I'm looking forward to the future and how her brothers will continue to interact with her as she gets bigger. They are already her protectors. Time is flying too... as I'm writing this I realize that tomorrow Anna will be 8 weeks old! She started smiling 2 weeks ago. I hope it slows down a bit.... I'm trying to savor every moment! Well that's all for this one... hope to blog again soon!

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