Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sara Lee.... You came through.....

Well being on a diet.... lifestyle change... whatever you want to call it..... it's hard sometimes....... I mean let's face it...... if it were easy everyone would be thin.

One thing I've noticed is diet food .... well..... sometimes taste like diet food. One day I was at the store and I was wanting some real chocolate... some type of dessert I looked into the freezer aisle..... Sara Lee came through for me!!

Now I will tell you these bites are small but they are sooooooo good, and at 20 calories a bite, you can have a couple of them, fufill that chocolate/dessert craving and not completely ruin your calorie intake for the day....

So if you are like me and you need some real chocolate/dessert food once in a while... try them out!


  1. Do you like dark chocolate? If so try the dark chocolate from Aldi. Just a single square does wonders to fulfill the desire for sweet or even dessert and doesn't have all the fillers/preservatives that so many things do. Now if I would only follow my own advice! ha ha...

  2. Maybe I should try this. I'd probably end up eating the whole thing in one sitting though!