Friday, July 20, 2012

Just when you think its going good..... :-)

Well I feel I must be honest.... because it might encourage someone else having difficulty.... I was so excited last week when Jonathan seemed to be picking up potty training extremely quick, only to have him regress these past few days. I don't now what happened but he went from going on his own to the bathroom whenever he needed to go to peeing in his pants. :-(

I was a little discouraged but then I read that usually to fully potty train it takes up to 8 months and so I thought ok... let's go back to square one. So we are back to taking "big kid potty breaks" every half hour or so and hopefully he will get back in the groove quickly.

But no matter what... when I look into his sweet face and see him smiling at me I just can't be mad.... or upset.... he's just too darn cute! :-) And it helps knowing that he will get it eventually... not as fast as i orginally thought... but he WILL get it... and it just takes time and patience....


  1. It is most certainly a process that takes time. You know my story with Gabriel!

    1. My daughter was so easy to potty break so when I started with my son I thought no sweat I was so wrong. What helped him was his cousin who was about the same age, after alot of accidients wish I thought of it sooner. lol It does take alot of patience and encouragement. Hang in there. God bless u and urs.