Saturday, July 14, 2012

Potty training, rolling over, laughing... life :-)

Well.... we had a few milestones happen in our home these past few weeks.

First is potty training jonathan. 4 weeks ago he showed major signs of readiness but we were getting ready to go to Missouri to visit family so I wanted to wait until we got back. So 2 weeks ago this Sunday we started potty training. My "method" is to go straight to real underwear. I ask about every 30 min if he has to go, limit fluid intake and so far it's worked for the boys, we will see in a few years if it works for Anna. As for Jonathan, I'm happy to report that 2 weeks later he is about 98% there. He only has accidents trying to make it to a bathroom and those are only once a day or once every 2 days. I'm so excited and thankful to not have to buy diapers for him anymore! :-) and he is so excited to be a "big boy" :-)

Anna has decided to laugh... roll over from back to stomach and scoot across the floor. :-) I can't believe how big she is getting!!! She is 4 and 1\2 months old now..... it goes so fast!

Only 4 and 1\2 more weeks and my sammy will start kindergarten and joe will go to 2nd grade!! We are all enjoying summer but looking forward to school again too.

Here are some recent pics of the kids..... I'm so blessed!! They bring so much joy to my life!

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