Thursday, May 3, 2012

Im finally ready to share....

Well I didn't really share a whole lot about my labor of anna nor did I share our "first picture" and the reason is .... well it was a very difficult delivery and afterwards.

Now that I have fully recovered I decided to share that "first Pic" no matter how horrible I look! lol

But first my "story". I went in for an induction on a sunday evening and 3:00am the next day they found out Anna was breech. We are assuming she turned while I was being induced but we dont' know. I had gotten my epidural during the night around 4am but something was wrong. Every time they laid me flat I felt pain shoot down my neck and arms. I would tell the nurses but it was like no one knew what I was talking about as if no one had ever said it before. During the c-section it hurt.... they say "pressure" but it was pain.... and shortly after Anna arrived the nice anesthesiologist put me out while the doctor finished. I got to give her a quick kiss before I fell asleep.

I woke up in a fog and in the coming days something started happening. I couldn't lay down without pain shooting down my neck and arms and when I would sit up my head felt like it was going to explode. I had a spinal tap when sam was a baby and knew what a spinal headache felt like but this didn't feel like that, it was worse. I couldn't turn my head from side to side some times and other times I felt ok. I felt like I had been in a car accident and had severe whiplash by the 3rd day. They couldn't do much for me but give me pain meds until that night when they decided to do a blood patch. It helped a little and I finally went home 2 days later, 5 days after being admitted.

It was so hard when the boys would come in to see anna to only be able to lay there but it didn't hinder their excitement at all, nor mine as I saw that they were so excited to see her each time they visited.

It took about 2 weeks after she was born before I could move my neck without being in pain and due to the severity of my pain I was unable to nurse. I couldn't look down as I was nursing and we were having difficulty, so we are doing formula. It was very hard to make that decision but I knew it was what was best for Anna and me.

Even though it was a difficult experience I am so thankful she is here and healthy. My heart goes out to other moms when I hear they had to have a c-section and for those women out there who have issues from the epidural.

So here is our "first picture" It's not the one I wanted before hand, the ones i had with the boys with me smiling and hair somewhat done :-) but it is "our" first picture and I will treasure it because it shows me the day that I got to bring my sweet little anna into the world.

Update: I did find out that what I had was called a wet-tap. It happened when they placed my epidural and it affects your nerves.


  1. Still a VERY beautiful picture Kassie! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Sorry to hear about your very unpleasant birth story, it stinks when things don't go the way we have them planned out. Your little princess is beautiful! Enjoy her!