Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She is changing sooo much!

Anna is now 8 weeks old and last week she started smiling! :-) This is one of my favorite stages. When they are finally able to respond to you talking to them. I love it when after I feed her I say "hi baby girl" and she grins from ear to ear.... no matter what kind of day I am having it instantly improves at that moment! I can't wait till she starts talking in that baby voice..... she is starting to do that a little bit.... but I know in the coming weeks it will be more and more.... Going to try and savor each moment....


  1. My goodness she is beyond adorable :) Love that sweet little face!

  2. She was giving us the smiles Saturday. She was also giving us her baby talks. She is a sweet thing, we really enjoyed our time with her.