Thursday, April 22, 2010

When you feel God's leading....

Ever felt God tell you something... but it's something you didn't really want to do.... or you kept asking yourself... "Does God really want me to do this... is he really speaking to me"....

Sometimes when we feel God speaking to us and telling us to do something or say something it's not always easy. Sometimes it is..... but what I always tell myself is when you listen to God... follow his leading... even though the result is not what you are hoping for... trust that you obeyed his direction. Then you leave it in his capable hands... We wont' always know what the result of our God directed action will be, but we can always trust that when we obey God.... we can trust that he is taking care of it.... then we have to let it go......

There have been times where I did not listen to God..... his nudging at my heart... for one big reason.... fear.... fear of rejection.....what if I say the wrong thing.... what if it doesn't help.... but I am coming to realize..... it's not my job to know the answers all the time... or the outcomes.... my job... is to trust and obey.... no matther how hard it is sometimes..... no matter if rejection comes.... or matter if someone receives God's voice... or turns away from it....

"I trust you Jesus..... and I trust that as I hear your voice.... and try to do as you ask..... that I can have peace in that.... even when things don't go my way... or how I think they should....."


  1. I guess we just need to listen really closely and ask this good for me and those I love.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower and I invite you to look over my blog and perhaps become one yourself

  2. I enjoyed visiting your blog! Very inspiring
    Hopefully you will appreciate mine also
    God Bless, Bob West

  3. Hi,
    I have found your blog today and have enjoye my visit! Loved todays post-so inspirational. So many times we do not get the result we had hoped for and I am thankful the Lord does indeed know best!
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    Simple Womans Daybook and Days Touched By Grace.

  4. Thank you all.... you all have spoken to me as well!

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