Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Starting over...

Two things I wanted to talk about today:

First.....well technology can be good and bad. For me it was bad this past week. I discovered after deleting an album on my phone with pictures from my blog that somehow it deleted all my pictures from every single blog I had ever written. I had not added them onto my phone so I had no idea this would happen. So I decided to start over... start fresh with a new blog. You can find it here Or here http://www.glimpsesintomylittlelife.blogspot.com

So please if you are a follower of this blog and enjoy reading it please direct yourself to my new page and add yourself as a follower on that one. This will be my last blog on this page.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the tragedy that happened in Newtown. Like so many other parents out there my heart is broken. I watch the news here and there and as soon as I see a picture.... or hear a name... I am in tears. There is nothing I can say to the parents and families out there who lost someone... and as I look around at my friends and families each of us is grieving differently.... each one of us is trying to process this however we can, I wish there was something I could say.....

However I also know the power of smiling... and giving hope. So as it may seem I am "moving on" with my life.... which we all must do even though it's hard... those families will never ever be out of my thoughts and prayers... each time one of my children smiles... or I give one of my children a hug... or each morning when I take them to school.... they are in my thoughts. It's hard to continue on with my "normal" life when so many are experiencing a sad new "normal" in their own lives.

I also know that for some people out there they need to see life going on around them. They need to see pictures of smiling children.... see post about the normal happenings of life...that is what helps them to move on... to mourn and then begin to smile again.

So in my very small way I hope that I can bring some smiles to people through my little life that will help someone ... somewhere... in some small way.

God bless you all and please come visit me at my new blog page!

Thanks for reading!

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