Monday, November 14, 2011

My first "Girl" room! :-)

With my first 2 pregnancies I didn't know what I was having and I got this adorable neutral teddy bear bedding set that I still LOVE and we left the room white and just decorated it with the new bedding.... With Jonathan we knew we were having a boy so we painted the room blue and used the same bedding.... With this one and finding out it was a girl, although I could use the same bedding and I would be fine, I just really really wanted to do something "girly" and so we decided to go ahead and do it with all the girly features :-)

My awesome Mother-in-law bought me a new bedding set and it arrived in the mail last week so that I could get started on Anna's room. Here is the bedding set we will be using.

We are so excited and I have some friends who have been giving me some paint color tips. Not sure what I will do yet. My changing table and crib are white so I may do either a light pink on the walls with a brown accent wall or a neutral color with a pink accent wall..... if you have any other ideas feel free to share them with me!

Looking forward to getting things started!


  1. I would do a dark beige like in the picture, but not that particular beige. I think a light pink on the walls with a while crib and pink bedding might be too much. You can highlight/acent the walls with pink artwork/decorations.

  2. Maybe I'll bring a piece of the bedding with me to missouri and you and I can go look at paint samples :-) :-) You had the same idea as my mother-in-law... do a beige and play it up with pink accents.