Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!!

Most of the people who read my blog are also on my facebook but for those that aren't I wanted to share some great news with all of you! We found out today that we are expecting our first baby girl!

As most if not all of you know I have 3 boys and a stepson, so pink and lace are not seen around my home..... until now! :-)

Today as Mike and I were in the ultrasound room, looking at our beautiful baby on the screen, we couldn't wait for the technician to tell us what our baby would be.... and she looked at me (knowing I had 3 boys) "Do you really want me to tell you" and I of course said "YES!" and she said "you are having a little girl!" My hands went immediately up to my face in disbelif as tears fell from my eyes.... My whole life would be different... not that boys don't change your life, but that adding this little girl would make our every day life..... different. Instead of just star wars and G.I. Joes... we will have barbies and dolls..... instead of just wrestling on the floor... we will now have tea parties.... and it just made me smile uncontrollably. My husband stood there awestruck... and so happy. Although I think he is thinking of when she is 15 and boys are calling... lol :-) We have plenty of time to prepare her that she wont' be dating until she is at least 30... :-)

I LOVE my boys and can't imagine my life without them and now I know I will feel the same way about my daughter.... wow... daughter... I thank God for blessing me with this little girl.... just as I thank God each day for the blessings of each of my boys....

My boys were so excited.... Here is a video I took of them when we told them it was a girl....

and a picture of them showing off their new sisters new clothes :-)

Now i have to distract them so the next 5 months go by quickly for them :-) :-)

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  1. Baby girls are wonderful. I still call my daughter my baby girl, even though she will be 7 pretty soon!