Sunday, May 9, 2010

awwww.. Mother's Day!!!

You know as a kid I loved mother's day. It always made me feel sooo good to give my mom a card and see her face light up... and then open my gift... and with her big smile she always made me feel like i had just given her a million dollars... now I get to give that joy to my own children..... I love seeing their little faces light up when they give me something they have drawn, or helped pick out.... and I love just knowing that I am so loved.... and I am so amazed at how God has blessed me....

For all of you mother's out there.... I hope you had an incredible day today... and remember these moments...... the ones that I am sure you had today... when the kids are fighting... or screaming..... or looking at you with that "whatever" look on their face..... and hopefully it will bring a smile to your face as you remember their little faces saying "I love you mommy".... "Happy mother's day".....

Also don't forget to thank God for how you are blessed!!!

Here are some pictures from my mother's day.... (well mother's day eve... they couldn't wait until sunday to give me their cards and presents!)

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  1. Wonderful Mother Day pictures. Your children will grow so quick but they will always love their Ma. I just love reading blogs were people I don't know give God the glory. Enjoy the rest of your day. God bless.